Eidul Fitr 2020


Alhumdulilah, we can confirm that Eid-ul-fitr will be on Sunday 24 May 2020, insha-Allah.

Sadly, as the Masjid remains closed there will be no Eid Salah at the Masjid.

We pray you enjoy a wonderful Eid with your family and loved ones.

As Ramadhaan now draws to a close, we would encourage everyone to make a final determined effort to complete as much additional prayers, and tasbeeh, and reading of Qur’an and any other supplications and adhkar that you may know so you may still reap the multiple rewards which are promised by Allah swt in this most blessed month.

We request for your continued prayers and support for the Masjid and Madrasah.

Jazak-Allah khair