Fiqh of Purification

✨? Zakariya Masjid Presents… ? ?

Fiqh of Purification by Mufti Waheedur Rahman

This weeks presentation will be the sixth of our weekly series of Lectures from our Imams and Teachers.

This weeks presentation will continue on the Fiqh of Purification. The event is open to Brothers in the Masjid and Sisters can listen remotely as we will be streaming live إن شاء الله .

? Delivered by:?
?Mufti Waheedur Rahman?
? Date: SATURDAY 05/02/2022
? Time: After Isha Salaah – 6.45pm
? Venue: Onsite for Brothers only, Zakariya Masjid, Lewsey Farm, 1 Beadlow Road, LU4 0QY
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