Date: Friday 8th December
Time: After Esha Salah 8pm
Venue: Zakariya Masjid 1  Beadlow Road Luton LU4 0QY

Special Guests
Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam Sahib (Bradford)
Shaykh Mufti Sadek Miah Sahib (Luton)

Topics to be covered: Social Media, Spiritual Life, Importance of Taqleed, Salfus Saalihin, Trials and Tribulations, Q&A session.

Insha Allah free evening refreshments will be provided after event.

Please invite family and friends to participate and benefit. Open to all brothers and sisters.


Madresa 1 week October Holiday

Madresa-e-Furqaniah will be closed from Monday 23rd October to Sunday 29th October.

Weekday students return to Madresa on Monday 30th October.

Weekend students return to Madresa on Saturday 4th November.