Jum’ua – The Friday Prayer

Jamaat Timings

1st Jamaat: 1.30pm

2nd Jamaat: 2.15pm

Jumu’ah Congestion & Parking

LOCAL BROTHERS please attend the 2nd Jamaat @2.15pm to ease Jumu’ah Congestion

Please help the Masjid to manage Jumu’ah effectively by attending the 2nd Jamaat where possible.

Rain will cause further problems with limited space.

Brothers will be asked to form a queue once maximum capacity is reached and wait for the 2nd Jamaat.

Please do not push in and insist on joining the prayer if advised once we are FULL.

Please respect and follow the instructions from our volunteers. If you can volunteer please do so.


We ask everyone to be considerate of our neighbours and park legally away from the Masjid without blocking anyone’s driveways or roads.

Where possible to ease traffic in the area please use public transport and share cars where possible when arriving to the Masjid for Jumuah prayers.


⏰Time: ~2pm
🕌Online: https://mixlr.com/zakariyamasjid

Jazaakallah khairan for your continued support and cooperation.

Zakariya Masjid, 1 Beadlow Road, Lewsey Farm, LU4 0QY