Alhumdulilah, we can see some efforts locally and nationally to slowly ease the lockdown restrictions and try to get our communities back to some kind of normality.
It is a very testing time for all of us and we pray that Allah swt eases the hardship on households and individuals within our local Muslim community and the wider public in general. Aameen.

As you may be aware, the government has announced several measures regarding re-opening of ‘non essential’ outlets and specifically places of worship. However, there are a number of conditions and measures for managing this transition before such places may re-open.

We have looked very closely at the implications and discussed at length any changes we could make at this stage to enable us to re-open. We have concluded that now is not the time. As a result, the Masjid will sadly remain closed for the time being. We pray for your support and understanding in this.

Please therefore continue to pray your salaat at home. We pray that Allah swt eases this restriction, so that we may collectively pray in our beloved Masjid again.

In the meantime, we would actively encourage everyone to make additional prayers, and recite tasbeeh, and read Qur’an at home and utilise any free time that has been created by this situation for good action, support in the community and helping one another.

We continue to request your duas and support for the Masjid please.

For your infomation, the Madrasah continues to operate from the online platform, alhumdulillah.

Stay aware by visiting our website which has the latest updates:

Jazak-Allah khair

Zakariya Masjid
(Lewsey Farm)