Assalaam alaykum

As you will be aware the government has stated that as of 4 July places of worship will be able to open albeit with restrictions. Alhumdulillah, alhumdulillah, this is wonderful news for the Muslim community. However, as mentioned in our previous update, there are a number of conditions and measures for managing this re-opening and we have been working very hard to try to ensure this can be achieved. We will need your full support and co-operation please so that this can be a success for our community. In this regard we will send out a separate message with details of how re-opening will operate insha-Allah.

Please wait for our formal announcement regarding date for re-opening Zakariya Masjid, even if other Masajid open up prior, as each Masjid will have its own circumstances to consider and please adhere to the processes that will need to be introduced.

In the meantime please therefore continue to pray your salaat etc at home for the time being.

We are so pleased with how our community has coped so far with the Masjid closure and insha-Allah each of us will surely be rewarded well by the Almighty, for this sacrifice and patience. Jzk khair to everyone.

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Please continue to support the Masjid and Madrasah however you are able. We pray Allah swt accepts all of our sincere efforts.